Following Jesus
The Missionary Page

A missionary is a relatively mature believer who lives in a discipleship house and assists the house leader. He is an already committed believer who wants . . .

  1. to deepen his own personal walk with Christ;
  2. to ground himself ever more deeply in the foundational truths of scripture;
  3. to identify, develop, and hone his spiritual gifts;
  4. to work in a ministry designed to make a genuine difference in the lives of men and women from troubled backgrounds;
  5. to learn what it means to work with other Christians on a common project - learning how to work cooperatively with them.
  6. to awaken the church as a whole to the sheer joy of serving God and walking in His presence.

Missionaries will learn how to teach, pastor, and evangelize - in a setting that keeps close at hand the help of older, more experienced Christians. It is an excellent "testing ground" for future ministry in other venues.

A missionary, like a house leader, must be willing to invest himself in the lives of those he's mentoring. He knows, therefore, that his life is not entirely his own - that he has, at least in part, yielded its ownership to others; and he's ready for the inconvenience and sacrifice that entails.

Also, like the house leader, a missionary is expected to set a good example for the disciples - showing them on a daily basis what it means to actually live out a life that's a "living sacrifice" dedicated to Jesus Christ. He must always keep in mind that the example he sets is very important: it lends credence to his teaching and pastoring. He must also bear in mind that he will be working with and alongside persons who have been terribly let down in the past - let down by persons they should have been able to trust - fathers, mothers, siblings, teachers. A missionary, therefore, must never "cut and run." He must be prepared to finish out his one year commitment - and not just grudgingly, but joyfully.

The missionaries, like the disciples, are expected to contribute to the financial support of the house.