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House Leader

item17aA House Leader

A "house leader" is usually an older, mature believer dedicated to living in a discipleship house alongside the disciples. His job is to help them make good on their commitment to change the direction of their lives. More specifically . . .

  • he provides over-all guidance and direction for the house;
  • he makes sure that both disciples and missionaries honor the purposes of the house and abide by the house rules.
  • he helps both the disciples and missionaries grow in Christ;
  • he helps both the disciples and the missionaries cultivate the fruit of the Spirit;
  • he helps the missionaries identify and develop their spiritual gifts;
  • he makes sure that everyone in the house learns to live harmoniously with one another;.

A house leader must be willing to invest himself in the lives of those he's mentoring - both disciples and missionaries. He knows, therefore, that his life is not entirely his own - that he has, at least in part, yielded its ownership to others; and he's ready for the inconvenience and sacrifice that entails.

He knows furthermore that his life is always on display; that those with whom he's living look up to him; that the example he sets in the kind of life he lives out before them is worth its weight in gold; that it lends credibility and substance to whatever they're being taught.

He knows too that many of the persons he's living with and mentoring - both disciiples and missionaries - have been terribly let down in the past; that their lives are often one long story of betrayal and disappointment. He knows, therefore, that his word means everything; that "cutting and running" is not an option; that having put his hand to the plough, there's no turning back; that he's under a divine obligation to finish the program himself - not grudgingly, but joyfully.

Do you fit the bill? Would you like to become a house leader? Would you like to discuss it further. If so, please e-mail below . . .

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