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Ministry is key to developing long lasting, deeply rooted friendships. It's what drew Jesus and his disciples into a relationship that the Bible tells us was an actual friendship; it's also what drew the Apostle Paul into a friendship with the Phillipians.

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There's a big difference between being a believer on the one hand and, on the other being a disciple.


Are you a disciple or a merely a believer? Here's a test that will set the record straight.


There is a grand, unifying theme that the Bible sketches out - extending from Genesis through Revelation. This study spells out that theme and will help a student develop a holistic approach to the study of Biblical truth.

Past Homework Assignments
Bible Antique

Believers often misunderstand the difference between justification and sanctification - and the basic preconditions of each. This study explains that while justification is a transaction between a single individual and God, sanctification is not. It can only be undertaken corporately.


Many believers fail to grasp the vital relationship between accessing the riches of Christ on the one hand and, on the other, reaching out to the lost and the immature. This study spells out that relationship.


It's impossible for a believer to press on to become a disciple unless he first learns how to deal with guilt. A sense of guilt will keep believers will keep believers from the presence of God - and will keep them in fear of judgment.


This is a second study concerning guilt - how to deal with it. It explains what it means to be "dead in Christ" - and free from the condemnation of the Law. We are a new creation in Christ.